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Cydia Flowers is an interdisciplinary artist with a primary focus in visual content, directing, and acting.

She began producing and directing with professional equipment while studying at the DePaul University’s Center for Digital Media in the summer of 2013. In 2014, she produced her first professionally recognized documentary short film, “Oreo,” which became an official selected at the Movies in the Parks: Chicago Onscreen Local Film Showcase during the summer of 2016. Used as a platform to discuss self concept in young children, it set the stage for the emphasis of psychological concepts in her storytelling. 


After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she furthered her postgraduate education at Yale University, where she studied at the Summer Conservatory for Actors, diving deeper into text analysis, acting and voice technique, improvisation, and movement.


Once returned to Chicago, she began serving as both the Executive Producer and Director of Cindi And The City as well as the Creative Producer of The Other Side, a news platform telling positive stories in entertainment and the community. 

In the beginning of 2019, she was accepted into Sundance’s Director’s Collab program, in which she studied key components of naturalistic film directing through the mentorship of Peter Sollett.

That same year she performed in a number of roles on stages inclusive of a lead role in The Interrogation of Sandra Bland interpreted by Mojisola Adebayo and presented at The Goodman Theatre and Madame Stanley in Eclectic Full Contact Theatre's adaptation of Richard III. 

She continues to strive forward to her goal of producing, directing, and acting in work for film and television and she currently is in development of a narrative film. 

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