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Cydia is a Chicago born actress, filmmaker, and interdisciplinary designer. She has been developing her visual and performing artistic skillset for her entire life. She received her Bachelor's degree in Film and Psychology from Howard University where she produced her documentary short film, “Oreo,” which became an official selection at Chicago's Movies in the Parks in 2016. Used as a platform to discuss her identity as a Black woman, it set the stage for the emphasis of psychological concepts and naturalism in her storytelling. 

She furthered her education at Yale University's Summer Conservatory for Actors where she studied drama. Upon returning to Chicago, she founded FlowerStudio Productions. Through her company, she spearheads the development of web content, film, UI/UX design, and brand digital storytelling. Her longterm mission is to produce human based narratives that expand many genres.


In 2019, she was accepted into the Sundance Institute Director’s Collab program where she learned key components of naturalistic film directing through the mentorship of Peter Sollett. Tangently, she performed in a number of roles on main stages in Chicago inclusive of a lead role in The Interrogation of Sandra Bland presented at The Goodman Theatre and Sir Stanley in Eclectic Full Contact Theatre's adaptation of Richard III

In 2021 she attended London's Identity Drama School for Acting, where amongst a rigorous training program, she had the opportunity to perform both Helena and Bottom in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.


With the deep knowledge she's formed in storytelling, set design, color theory, as well as cognitive, developmental, and neuropsychology, she is now building her newest venture: an interior design firm which specializes in decor that inspires mood, self-alignment, and confidence, while also continuing to produce with FlowerStudio Productions. 

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